The Perfect Mixology Kits with 150 Bartender Recipes for Beginners

Whether you’re a cocktail aficionado, a master mixer, or you simply enjoy hosting a good party, you’ll know the importance of having the right tools for the job. This is where mixology kitscome to save the day. These kits typically contain a measuring cup, long bar spoon, strainer, ice tongs, a garnish knife, bottle stoppers, pourers and shot glasses.

Basic sets sometimes have less tools, while fully-fledged kits might have even more. Not all are created equal, and some are better value than others. Choose among the best mixology kits and get a free chance to learn 150 bartender recipes. Try out different Cosmo Bartender special recipes using these starter tools.

NÄUZone Professional Bartender Kit

This 14-piece mixology kit comes highly recommended by both home entertainers and bartending professionals alike. What sets the NÄUZone apart from most other kits is that each cup and tool is weighted by heavy-gauge stainless steel to provide a premium, high-quality feel that adds to the mixing experience.

Included in the kit is a 1 ounce jigger, 28 ounce Boston shaker and a 16 ounce cheater cup. The Boston shaker cup weighs 215 grams, or nearly double that of a typical consumer-grade Boston Shaker. Also included in the kit are five bottle pourers, a speed bottle opener, ice tongs, a muddler, strainers and a cocktail bar spoon with a fork.

Jilmo Pro Martini Bartender Kit

If you’re looking to wow your guests before you even get to work, then this kit by Jilmo is sure to impress. Available in both copper and rose gold finishes, this stainless-steel bar set sports an appearance unlike that of any other mixology kit.

The stylish velvet holder gives you free chancesto display your kit while it’s not in use, while the rust proof finish ensures that it’ll look great for years to come. This kit contains a total of ten pieces, providing everything you need to get started.

Barillo Elite Cocktail Shaker Set

While perhaps not as pretty as the Jilmo set, this mixology kit by Barillo is made to perform. Cosmocouldn’t leave this one out of the list, thanks to its entry-level price point, high-quality construction and wide range of tools and accessories. Barillo has even included a recipe booklet and a free ebook containing an even larger list of recipes.

Mixology & Craft Bartender Kit

There are many reasons why the Mixology & Craft Bartender Kit is so popular. For one, it’s highly efficient. The leak-proof 24-ounce bar mixer allows you to make three drinks simultaneously. This mixology kit is also durable enough to survive over 150parties with ease, thanks to its heavy-duty stainless-steel construction.

It’s also highly convenient, as each accessory is dishwasher safe. Included in this kit is a total of 14 pieces, as well as a cylindrical case to store your items for on-the-go use. Mixology & Craft even included a recipe book and an online cocktail catalog for additional value.

These kits will help you wow your guests and mix up the perfect drink every time. Choose one that contains the accessories you see yourself using most.

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