Rosé Lovers Alert: Get Paid $10K to Go on a Drinking Holiday in France

If you think this is some kind of hoax, you’re wrong. There is an actual company out there that is paying people $10k to drink rosé all day long. While traveling. In France.

But there’s a reason for this. New player Rosé All Day is trying to build a name for itself and is holding a contest in order to find an influencer that will work as a sort of ambassador for the brand. The wine producer, which also doubles as a lifestyle brand, is offering over 14,000 dollars’ worth in prizes to the winner of this casting call, which includes a trip to France’s Languedoc-Roussillon region. You’ve read that right Cosmo Bartender readers. Grab hold of Rosé All Day’s Special promotion for influencers. Get paid $10 K to go to France and enjoy rosé.

There’s a Catch to This Special Promotion

In order to get the prize, influencers have to showcase their ability to release great content by releasing as much rosé inspired content as they can. We can expect the company to also privilege people with strong followings or those that can generate more likes and attention. This is a great way for the brand to get free content and traction, which in reality will return much more than the money they’re giving out in prizes.

The contest runs from June to early September. All contestants have to do is post pictures that show their love and appreciation for the pink wine and tag the company’s account. The company will also be looking at the participant’s personality. Also note that contestants will be judged by the amount of posts they have made.

Additional Rules

There are additional rules that participants should be aware of before they start posting. All participants have to be at least 21 or older. In addition, all contestants have to live in the continental US. If you qualify, you can start posting content related to the brand. Once the contest is over, the brand will choose their top 5 participants who will go on a final elimination round. During this round, the contestants will be tasked to post one final piece of content that will be used to crown the winner.

That is Not All Though

It’s important to note that winners will have to get some work done as part of their prize though. The winners will be flown to Rosé All Day’s Languedoc-Roussillon castle to stay for a total of four days. But they’ll also be tasked with producing unique content for the company during their stay. This content will then be used to promote the brand’s Instagram account. They will also have to release at least one piece of content per month for the company for a year.

Rosé has gone a long way since its days as the freckled stepchild of the wine family. Rosé is definitely having its moment, and if you’re a fan of the pastel colored wine, here at Cosmo, we think this is a prime chance to make money promoting it and visit one of the most beautiful and iconic wine producing regions in the world.

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